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Who We Are
Find out about Nightsun who we are and our commitment to make the best lights in the market.

Used both on and off road, our lights give the busy recreational riders the freedom to get some training in, or just have some fun in the dark. The 3 beam Tri-light, dual beam XC and Team Issue, and the single beam SunSport.

FAQ File
Frequently asked questions - find out about Bike Light Batteries and Halogen Lamps

Spare Parts
Batteries Chargers and parts... Nightsun offers replacement parts as a service to Nightsun owners and customers

e-mail us --- we want to hear what you have to say about your nightsun light and our website --- or any comments or questions you may have about our products.

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Send us Your Photo
e-mail us a photo of you while riding your bike at night with your nightsun and if we use it on our front page you will win a gift... Make it cool!