The All New Nightsun Tri-Light
The Ultimate Bicycle Lighting System

The Tri-Light is our newest and ultimate bicycle lighting system.

Rugged and built to last, this state-of-the-art CNC machined light source
features three independently adjustable "eyeball" style lamps allowing the
rider to adjust a variety of beam angles and wattage. Power levels are from
8 to 40 watt standard with an option to 52 watts.

The Tri-Light's Quick Release easily mounts to any handlebar and has a Three
Button Switch Module allowing the rider to select from one to three light sources.
Run times are over 5.5 hours with bright white light from a 13.2 volt battery.

Tri-Light Specifications

Runtime: (Low Beam)
5.5+ Hours
Low Beam Power:
8 watts
Mid Beam Power:
12 watts
High Beam Power:
20 watts
Max. Combined Beam Power:
40 watts
Weight: Headlight - 8.5 ounces
Weight: Battery - 1.7 pounds
Battery Type:
Nickel Metal Hydride
water-bottle battery
Mounting System:
Long arm quick release
Three Button Switch Module
allowing independent selection
Nightsun Tri-Light


Maximum Power,
Reliability and Output

Nightsun Water Bottle Battery
Our Water bottle style battery is the best in the business. This 13.2
volt Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable battery provides up to 5.5
hours of continuous lighting, the longest lighting source available.

Nightsun Charger
The Nightsun Charger is ready for use worldwide accepting input voltage from
110-240 vac. Full recharge is FAST, taking only 2.5 hours and allowing complete
battery charge from any point of discharge. LED indicators keeps you informed of
the battery charge status.

Compare the Nightsun Tri-light with the other Bicycle lights in the market and see for yourself who leads the industry is in Quality Performance and Value. Compare

Read the Press Release on the Tri-Light.

Price $389.95


Accessories Available for the Tri-Light

Tail Light

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