"Lithium" Sun Sport Systems
The Ultimate Accessory for Night-time Sports

  • 6 watt narrow focus lamp, extremely bright, penetrates 1000's of feet, many times the light of "Petzl" type lamps.

  • $39.95 vs.. $180 for rechargeable systems.

  • 4oz. Total system weight INCLUDING BATTERY 1/4 the weight of rechargeable systems.

  • 90 minutes burn time per battery, battery weight 1.4 oz. each.

  • Head Lamp, mount, universal head / helmet band and battery holder included.

  • Uses 1.4 ounce Lithium Photoflash batteries available everywhere or from Nightsun for as little as $7.95 each.
    (Duracell DL245, Sanyo 2CR5, Energizer EL2CR5)


  • 24 Hour Racers, super lightweight and NO CHARGING HASSLES
  • Perfect "Just in Case" light for long tours or Randon Riders.
  • Ideal for Search and Rescue Personal. Can be stored ready for use.
  • Any emergency need, batteries offer 10 year shelf life.
  • Ideal for Adventure Racers

Compare the Nightsun SunSport with the other Single Beam lights in the market and see for yourself who leads the industry is in Quality Performance and Value. Compare

Lithium Batteries Available from Night-sun


  • 2-4 Batteries - $9.95 each
  • 5-9 Batteries - $8.95 each
  • 10+ Batteries - $7.95 each
10% Discount on batteries purchased with the light set.

Price $39.95


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