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SunSport & SunSport 2000 Lighting Systems
The Ultimate Accessory for Night-time Sports

Head Light

  • 6 watt Narrow Focus Halogen lamp penetrates hundreds of feet.
  • 15 Watt-hour, rechargeable pocket pack NiMH battery provides 2.5 hours of run time.
  • Less than 3 ounces weight added to helmet, total system weight under 9 ounces including battery.
  • Elastomeric mount and lamp module for durability and comfort.
  • Trouble free mounting on vented helmets with cinch straps, included neoprene band for mounting on non-vented helmets, hats, caps or bare heads, nothing more to buy!
  • Snap-in style lamp for simple, no tools replacement.
  • High performance in feather weight package.
  • Overnight charger.

SunSport LightSunsport Light

Used as accessory to their primary lighting systems, cyclists find the SunSport an invaluable accessory. It not only illuminates turns before turning the handlebars, SunSport users can read their cyclo-computers, command the attention of motorists and make night-time repairs with ease.

Skiers, in-line skaters, runners... all night-time sport participants are enthusiastic about the combination of high performance, lightweight and convenience. All outdoor sport participants find the SunSport the perfect "hands-free" light source.

Compare the Nightsun SunSport with the other Single Beam lights in the market and see for yourself who leads the industry is in Quality Performance and Value. Compare

SunSport 2000


The SunSport 2000 has all the features of the Standard SunSport but it comes with a handle bar mount bracket and battery frame bag. If you already own a SunSport System you can add the SunSport 2000 conversion kit (bar mount and battery bag) for only $24.95.

Price $89.95
Price $109.95


Accessories Available for Sunsport

Tail Light

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