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Law Enforcement Bicycle Patrol Accessories:


TailLight Bike

Nightsun Commuter Tail Light

Price: $47.95   - New 12 volt version
Price: $29.95   - 2AA battery version

Designed specifically for Police Bike Patrols, the newest 12 Volt version of the Nightsun Commuter Xenon Strobe Tail Light uses the main water bottle battery of any dual beam Nightsun headlight as the power source. This reduces the cost of operating the light by eliminating the ongoing need for replacement batteries. The power draw is very low, so headlight run times are minimally affected. Another feature of this tail light is the remote push button switch which allows the tail light to be easily switched on or off without having to dismount or reach around to the back of the bike. This is a convenient feature and helps improve the riders overall safety.

The AA Battery powered version is available for riders that may not own or use a Nightsun dual beam headlight system. This version is self-contained, being powered by two AA batteries that are installed within the tail light. Typical runtimes using alkaline batteries are, 7 hours constant/ 14+ intermittent. A push button on/off switch is mounted on the outside of the light.

A simple attachment called the "Anywhere Bolt™" permits riders to mount the Tail Light practically anywhere -- cargo bags, reflector brackets, saddle bags, seat posts, handlebars, or any size frame. And because the strobe operates from the main water bottle battery of any dual beam Nightsun headlight or 2 AA batteries (depending on model), the entire tail light weighs just ounces.

  • 180 degrees of visibility; very bright
  • 73 flashes per minute
  • Red lens standard (Other colors available by request)
  • 2,000+ hour bulb life
  • Totally weather resistant
  • 3.5" each triangular side
  • 4.6 oz. working weight
  • O-ring seal guarantees dirt, grime or moisture won't penetrate
  • Highest quality retro-reflective lenses
  • Tough ABS, acrylic, and Delrin components
  • 1 year warranty

An important feature of the strobe is its unique pyramid shape, which provides unmatched side visibility. With 180 degrees of visibility, the Taillight can even be mounted on the top of the rear cargo bags; the strobe does not have to face traffic to be seen.

Siren gif

Nightsun Pursuit Sirens
Super Pursuit Siren - Price $57.95
Hi-Low Pursuit Siren - Price $39.95 115 db Alert Horn - Price $39.95

The 120db Super Pursuit and the 117db Hi-Low sirens are the most rugged, water resistant sirens available on the market. The elastomeric housing will withstand abuse without complaint. All units weigh only five ounces and allow up to eight hours of continuous and 48 hours of intermittent use utilizing readily available 9 volt batteries. Built in push button permits momentary action for short burst or latched action for continuous use.

Easy to mount, the Super Pursuit Siren, and the Hi-Low Siren will quickly attach to any frame tube or stem.


Click on the image to hear what the
117DB Hi-Low Siren Sounds like...
WARNING... Much louder in Actual use!!!

Nightsun Battery Options
Battery Accessories Available from Nightsun

  • Add on 40 Watt Hour Battery (for Team Issue) - Price add $39.95
  • 30 Watt Hour Ni-Cad Battery - Price $99.95
  • 40 Watt Hour Ni-Cad Battery - Price $149.95
  • Sunsport Battery - Price $57.95
  • Euro Charger - Price $19.95

Law Enforcement Bicycle Patrol Upgrades:

Red & Blue

Nightsun Red and Blue Lens Caps    -   Price $15.95
An upgrade for the Nightsun Team Issue Bike Patrol Lights. The Red & Blue Lenses install in seconds without tools. They may be carried in a stowed position permitting full use of the White lite for normal operation then easily deployed to become regulation signal lights.

Unlike the competition's colored lenses, Nightsun's solution does not require the purchase of a $200+ headlight in order to have the choice of colored lenses.


Replacement 40 WattHour Bottle Battery BATTERY ONLY
Replacement 30 WattHour Bottle Battery BATTERY ONLY

*NEW Red and Blue Lenses, 1 PAIR
Switch W/Wiring Harness
Replacement Lamp 10 WATT Flood (Lo Beam)
Replacement Lamp 20 WATT Flood (Hi Beam)
Replacement CLEAR LENS / SNAP RINGS 1 Pair Each

*Available for upgrading non flashing units.

$ 149.95
$ 99.95

$ 15.95
$ 22.95
$ 4.95
$ 4.95
$ 4.95
$ 24.95
$ 19.95
$ 19.95
$ 6.49

These products are for Law Enforcement officials and agencies only, and Will Not Be Sold To Civilians. Please Contact Nightsun by phone 626.799.5074 or e-mail to Order.

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