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Nightsun SunSport
Nightsun SunSport - Price $89.95

Great for Bike Patrols! Used as an accessory to their primary lighting systems, Bike Patrol Officers find the SunSport an invaluable accessory. It not only illuminates turns before turning the handlebars, SunSport users can read their cyclo-computers, command the attention of motorists and make night-time repairs with ease.

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Team Issue
Nightsun Team Issue - Price $174.95

For Applications not requiring colored lights or Wig-Wag Nightsun continues to offer The Team Issue, a simple inexpensive, rock solid dual beam bike light.

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Accessories and Upgrades
Accessories and Upgrades For Law Enforcement

Take a look at the Accessories and Upgrades available for your Nightsun, such as the Lightman Police Tail-light, 117DB Police Siren, Red & Blue Lenses with Wig-Wag flashing, Quad Chargers and more...

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