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Nightsun Outdoor Adventure Light Systems
the New 3 beam Tri-Light
The Nightsun 3 Beam Tri-Light

Rugged and built to last, this state-of-the-art CNC machined light
source features three independently adjustable "eyeball" style lamps
allowing the rider to adjust a variety of beam angles and wattage.
Power levels are from 8 to 40 watt standard with an option to 52 watts.

Price - $389.95

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The Dual Beam XC
Nightsun Dual Beam XC

Designed to meet the demands of off-road cycling after dark.
The Nightsun XC offers all the power and reliability you've come to expect from Nightsun, along with features offering even greater off-road performance and durability.

Price - $224.95

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Nightsun SunSport
Nightsun SunSport

Skiers, in-line skaters, runners... all night-time sport participants are enthusiastic about the combination of high performance, lightweight and convenience. All outdoor sport participants find the SunSport the perfect "hands-free" light source.

Price - $89.95

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Nightsun SunSport
Nightsun Lithium SunSport

24 Hour Racers, super lightweight and NO CHARGING HASSLES, Perfect "Just in Case" light for long tours or Randon Riders. Ideal for Search and Rescue Personal. Can be stored ready for use. Any emergency need, batteries offer 10 year shelf life. Ideal for Adventure Racers.

Price - $39.95

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Team Issue Dual Beam
Nightsun Team Issue

A simple inexpensive, rock solid Dual Beam Bike Light Proven over the past 10 years to be the most reliable and popular on-road and off-road bike light.

Price $174.95

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Accessories and Upgrades
Nightsun Accessories and Upgrades

Take a look at the Accessories and Upgrades available for your Nightsun, such as the Lightman Tail-light, Batteries, Brush Guards, Chargers and more...

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