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Date: 8/25/98

To: Nightsun Performance Lighting


I am a State Department employee stationed at the American Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, and was in the embassy when the terrorist truck bomb of August 7th exploded behind the embassy just outside of the parking garage. My bike was in the garage, locked to a railing just inside of the open garage door, less than 20 feet from the explosion.

I just salvaged my bike from the garage, and as I expected, it was totaled. The Nightsun Light mounted to the handlebar had the lenses and bulb/reflector assemblies blown out, and the taillight assembly was blown off and not recovered. but when i plugged in some spare bulbs', the light worked just fine, as you can see in the enclosed photo.

I've always thought Nightsun lights were the best, and now it's official... They're "Bomb Proof".

I would like to order the following items in order to repair my light:

2 Plastic lens covers
2 Lens cover retaining "C" clips
1 Taillight assembly and mounting bracket
2 Long arm quick release handle bar mounts


Jim D.

Patrol Delux

Date: 9/22/98

To: Nightsun Performance Lighting

From: Ofc. Mike C.

Reference: Nightsun Patrol Delux System

As a bike patrol officer in our town, I would like to express my satisfaction of both your patrol delux lighting system and your problem solving policies.

My department purchased two new mountain bikes and were fortunate enough to purchase your lighting system for the bikes. I ride just about everyday and work with numerous youth in the area. I am always getting positive remarks about the lighting system. Everyone wants to see the lights flash and they always say how cool they are. The design with the removable red and blue lens was a great idea.

I did have one minor problem with one of the flashing units with the lights, and I took it to our local bike shop owner who introduced us to your system. They said they would contact Nightsun and get back with me. I was happy to know that your company immediately sent out a replacement part and our flashing unit was fixed.

Thank you for considering police departments in your efforts to produce superior equipment. I am also pleased with your customer service policies.


Ofc. Mike C.

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